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Conscious Business Week is an inclusive opportunity for levels of knowledge, interest and engagement with the ultimate business trend in the corporate world. Understanding what is behind the fundamentals of conscious capitalism to unleash the full potential of your organization to reach exponential results is just the beginning of what the conscious business week has to offer.

From a master class, which allows participants to understand the trends that brought us to this new operational model to highly detailed implementation techniques. The now called the “stakeholder capitalism” or “shared value” underlies a reality that is in fact is based on five fundamentals, which can effectively sustain the performance in the long run.


The four offers:

- Master Class - initial connection with the historical context and recent events leading to the fierce urgency of updating the business model

- Conscious Business Change Agent Certification Program - dive into the tools to effectively implement the five fundamentals of conscious capitalism

- Conscious Business BluePrint - an opportunity to cover the five fundamentals in a practical mode with help of certified members

- Conscious Business Activation -  an experiment to activate one of the fundamentals of conscious capitalism in order to experience the challenges and potential impact of an operational model shift.

Learn more about each one of the programs or request your detailed brochure below.


Note: not always all session of a conscious business week will be made available, 

- conscious capitalists

- business leaders

- people managers

- entrepreneurs

- consultants

clear understanding of conscious capitalism model vs. other approaches


global perspective of new economy challenges and conscious solutions 

new strategic insights about the meaning of running a conscious business


practical tools to map the conscious journey for any business


ability to build an action plan to implement conscious capitalism 

conscious business week


a week to dive into fundamentals conscious capitalism

25 - 28 Maio 2020


31 Maio - 5 Junho 2020


  • introductory session with Q&A

  • techniques to implement fundamentals of conscious capitalism

  • workshop to explore fundamentals of conscious capitalism

  • experience to activate one  of the  fundamentals of conscious capitalism

quem deve participar

principais beneficios

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